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A beautiful way to
focus your prayer.


We provide tools that help you pursue an intentional prayer life.

Resources like our Prayer Kit help focus your prayers in a visual way.


Getting Started

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Buy Your Prayer Kit

The Sacred Stance Prayer Space Kit includes uniquely designed pieces that help you create a beautiful place to focus on prayer. Inside you'll find a large vinyl decal, three smaller vinyl decals, 57 notecards, 3 sorting pouches, 7 answered prayer tags, 1 answered prayer envelope, a gel pen, washi tape, and our prayer kit guide.


Set up your Space

Choose a quiet spot where you won't be too distracted, then hang up your wall decals, pouches, and envelopes! The Prayer Space Kit is completely customizable so you can hang your decals in whichever shape makes sense for your space. Need to change something? Easy! Just peel it off and re-hang it. Your Prayer Space could be in a closet, the corner of a room or anywhere!



Commit to Praying

Start using the tools in your Prayer Space Kit during your prayer time. As you devote focused time to your conversations with God, you'll experience peace and power in your life like never before.


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